We are your one-stop shop for bulk materials on the Monterey Peninsula. Our product offerings include soil amendments, various mulches, planting mixes, sand, compost, wood chips, and various types of rock and gravel. We provide materials for any project, no matter what the size. For the most up-to-date listing of the products we carry, please give us a call at (831)920-1231.

We can load trucks and trailers or you can also bring in your own bags or containers—we sell heavy duty contractor-grade bags for $1 each and woven poly sacks for $1.50 each, in case you forget your own.

For your convenience, we have a truck scale on-site for accurate weighing and measurement of bulk material sold by the ton. Our scale is inspected and certified for use by the Monterey County Agricultural Commissioner's Office and its Division of Weights and Measures on an ongoing basis. 

Please call us at (831)920-1231 to arrange deliveries or to request current pricing for materials. We deliver to most areas of Monterey County, Mondays through Saturdays. You can find our full list of delivery fees and pricing on our Delivery page.

Soils & Amendments

Potting Soil


Planting Blend 

Organic Compost (OMRI Listed)


Mini Bark - 1/8" to 3/8"

Small Bark - 1/4" to 3/4"

Medium Bark - 3/4" to 1.5"

Gorilla Hair

Cedar Chips

Redwood Sawdust

Mahogany Wood-fines

Recycled Woodchips

Gravel, Sand, & Rock

Washed Sand

Concrete Sand

Granite Dust (Utility Sand)

Class II Recycled Base Rock

Decomposed Granite Pathfines (DG)

1/4" Hollister Pea Gravel

3/4" Hollister Rock

3/4" Crushed Drain Rock

1/2" Black Lava Rock

1/2" Red Lava Rock

1/4" California Gold Gravel

3/8" California Gold Gravel

Cobbles & Boulders

Mexican Beach Pebbles (Bulk & Bagged)

River Cobbles (Natural Color)

Mule Creek Rock

Napa Fieldstone

Sierra Boulders


Silver Quartzite 1/2"± and 1"±

Connecticut Bluestone (Natural & Select) 1"± and 1.5"±

Reclaimed Arizona Sandstone 1"±

French Vanilla 1"±

Three Rivers 1.5" (Out of production; limited stock)

Carmel 1"±